Awards Gala

Sheriff Clarke is on a mission to raise awareness about the good guys in law enforcementand to reward outstanding service.

Black Tie Gala





Gala Honors

Acknowledge and pay tribute to award officers who demonstrate outstanding service through their courageous leadership and honorable service. We cordially invite you to join us in the ‘Straight Talk Podcast’ Badge of Honor Cruise and Awards Gala, an occasion devoted to commemorating and honoring state leaders. Attend this distinguished awards ceremony where we honor the extraordinary accomplishments of these individuals and determine the overall victors.


The Mission

Join us in celebrating the dedication and valor of law enforcement officers across the United States at the black tie gala. Our mission is to promote positive relationships between officers and the communities they serve, recognizing their exceptional service and commitment to upholding the law.


Engage officers from all 50 states


showcase the positive impact of law enforcement


promote a message of trust and cooperation

Act fast, as availability is limited!

A Word From ‘America’s Sheriff’

By promoting straight talk and including officers from all 50 states, we can create a platform for open dialogue and understanding. Let’s launch a public relations effort to spread the message that “Cops are the good guys,” showcasing the positive impact law enforcement has on our society. By bringing supporters and friends of law enforcement together for networking opportunities, we can build a strong community that stands behind those who serve and protect. Picture a grand awards ceremony where we recognize and honor officers who lead with courage and serve with honor. Let’s celebrate these exceptional individuals from each state and crown overall winners at a prestigious gala event. Together, let’s shine a spotlight on the dedication and commitment of these officers, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Sheriff David A Clarke (Ret.)